Playtest - Feral RPG - Jez Gordon

Tim and Ben are taking through a playtest of Feral a new mutant RPG based on the D&D 5th Edition Rules.

It's mutant mayhem as the two characters find themselves falling after narrowly escaping an exploding plane...

Jez Gordon is an Australian game illustrator and book designer who lives and works out of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He has been drawing monsters since in the womb, playing RPGs since he got the Moldvay Red Box in 1982, a qualified graphic designer since 1993, and he has been combining all three loves since 2010. These last seven years he started to work with some of the top RPG writers and designers out there, in the hope that some of their awesome design chops have rubbed off on FERAL. This is his first stab at publishing his own RPG material.

FERAL RPG can be found:
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