Meet - Sean Fallon - Paths RPG

Ben and Tim journey into the mind of Sean Fallon, the man behind the myth that is Paths World of Adia.
Expect fits of laughter and the usual insane ramblings of the co-hosts. We lose it over Barbar melded with Conan and to be honest who wouldn't?

Paths is about a world that was once at peace, and is now in turmoil since the King has gone mad and made a pact with Demons, forcing the world into war, forming three different factions. Although there was already prejudice and war within the world of Adia, it has never been at this level before. Tension is rising.

With three warring factions, it has quickly turned into a massive cluster of chaos as the Demons invade from the East, hunting the Necromancers and Undead – while seeking after the Azashael, slaughtering anything and anyone in their path.

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Paths World of Adia
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