Meet Alex Jarkey - Playtest - Flashback RPG

Flashback is a next-generation RPG where characters advance by adding to their backstory and building personality traits.

Flashback's unique experience system turns every situation into a roleplaying opportunity. Players are rewarded for weaving a detailed backstory and making choices that are consistent with their character's motivations.

In this playtest we step into a Steampunk Victorian world. An alternative industrial revolution has occurred thanks in part to strange star that fell to earth. Destroying a bunch of cities the unique metal from these meteors is used to create new materials that unlock amazing powers.

However Titans - elemental forces - live in the wildlands where only brave (or foolhardy) adventurers dare tread…  

Personality based attributes determine your physical attributes. 

Uses a Director and Scenes in the style of a film. The Director sets the scene and directs the action with the players coming in with their own actions to mess things up!

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