Live from PAX AUS 2018

Live interviews from PAX AUSTRALIA 2018.

Ben took time out of his busy schedule at PAX to catch up with designers and fans of RPGs.

Seamus Bryne - well know writer, presenter, podcaster and media personality. Seamus has had a long association with RPGs starting with the fabled RED BOX. You can catch Seamus on Twitter @Seamus or see his work on

Dez Maggs is well known to Boomer Radio listeners. You can catch him on Twitter @DerekMaggs81 or on where we reviews games.

Brad was at PAX playtesting his new space RPG 7th Extinction

Wade Dyer comes back on the show to talk all things Fragged Empire. Wade is a well known publisher of the Fragged system, check out

Zac and Daniel gave us some insight into the world of Pathfinder, Starfinder and Pathfinder 2e. Check out your local gaming story for your nearest Pathfinder Society game.

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