BRNAU - GoT - E012 - Carla Kopp

In this episode I get to talk to Carla Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games. We discuss how she has built her game publishing company and her use of Kickstarter, as well as how she approaches design and balances design with publishing. Make sure you check out her upcoming game Fire In The Library, coming to Kickstarter March 19th 2018!

Carla on:
Facebook: Weird Giraffe Games
Twitter: @WeirdGiraffes
Instagram: Weird Giraffe Games
Kickstarter: Weird Giraffe Games

Games we mentioned: 
Super Hack Override
Stellar Leap
Fire In The Library


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BRNAU - GoT - E01 - Shop Talk: Area Control

This is the first of our Shop Talk episodes. Every other week, between our normal episodes, I will discuss a game mechanic in depth or some aspect of board games.  In this episode I discuss Area Control.  What is it, how does it work, how might you use it in a game.  

All of our Shop Talk episodes will have an accompanying Blog Post, and Video on our YouTube Channel. 

Blog Post: 

Games we mentioned: 
El Grande
Fate of the Elder Gods
Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Tic Tac Toe


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BRNAU - GoT - E010 - Sean Fenemore

To kick off season 2 I talked to Sean Fenemore. We covered a range of things from our responsibility to promote diversity and inclusion, to childhood games, and his new game The Stars Align. 

Ben on: 

Web site: Savage Yeti Games

PAX Australia : 

Games we mentioned: 
Captain Sonar
Dawn: Rise of the Occulites
Car Wars
Call Of Cthulhu

Publisher Interests:
Breaking Games

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BRNAU - GoT - E009 Ben Boersma

Welcome to 2018. In episode 9 my guest is Ben Boesrma of Darwin Games.  We discuss his fascinating small unit skirmish game(s) Dawn: Rise of the Occulites and his upcoming Eye for an Eye Arena.  The themeing on these games is very deep. We also discuss how as a teacher he helped his year 5 students create a game about the conservation of Southeast Australian frogs that earned them a spot in the Zoos Australia Hall Of Fame.  I had a great time talking to Ben.  

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