BRNAU - GoT - E026 - Tony MIller

Apologies that this one is so late. The end of the financial year is a crazy time at work. On with the show!
In this episode I talk to Tony MIller. You may know him as The Bearded Rogue, or as one of the Three Amigos on the Breaking Into Board Games podcast. We discuss the industry, and his newly published game Fire In The Library coming out soon from Weird Giraffe Games.

YouTube: Tony Miller
Podcast: Breaking Into Board Games
Twitter: BeardedRogue
Board Game Geek: Tony Miller

Games we mentioned:
Can't Stop
Incan Gold
Ex Libris
Android: Netrunner
Cry Havoc

Resources / Podcasts
Cardboard Edison
Board Game Design Lab
Breaking Into Board Games
Board Game Blitz

Gateway Games
Plaid Hat Games
Stronghold Games
Stonemaier Games
Formal Ferret Games
Weird Giraffe Games