After some light fun? A small laugh? Well we are not really that funny, but hopefully you like these shows. 




Ever wondered what the meeples thought of your gameplay, that last move, that deal you just struck? Wonder no more and take a step inside their lives.


The Dice Men Cometh is a group of (mostly unrelated) Tasmanians who produce a weekly podcast about tabletop gaming. The rotating cast of Dice Men Mark, Trent, Garth and Leon broadcast the show live on Edge Radio 99.3 FM every Thursday from 7-8 pm, then edit it into a more-or-less weekly podcast.


You see a podcast labelled The Obligatory RPG Show. A block of small, cursive text beneath it reads: this podcast grants the bearer audible discourse about Role Playing Games including interviews with Designers, Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, and Gamers, in-depth discussions, and high adventure.
Your finger hovers over the “play” button.
What do you do?