Who are we?

Something summing up about who we are here.


Rocky Heckman

As the inventor of jet propelled roller skates, Rocky Heckman has lead a tumultuous life dodging the snapping jaws of cutthroat litigators. Here on the Boomer Radio Network he hosts Games On Tables where none of his thoughts or opinions are admissible in court. He’s also a game designer for Cravon Studios where no development or research of the aforementioned jet propelled roller skates occurred.

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Ben harnwell

Unable to return to his home dimension, Ben Harnwell now spends his days drumming*, acting, writing, playing Tabletop games, and hosting The Obligatory RPG Podcast. If you can't find him in his laboratory tinkering with the infernal device that stranded him in our dimension, you might be able to find him Twitter @drdalim.

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Tim hanton

Tim Hanton once offended a Llama. Now he co-hosts The Obligatory RPG podcast while trying not to distress anymore camelids. He can be found on Instagram @uncertfiedadult and on Twitter once he settles on a handle.



Davey Haldane

Vanguard of the Ethereal Planes, Watcher of the Slumbering Titan, Chief Grenadier of the Orion Brigades: these are just some of the titles Davey goes by. He's also our audio engineer here at the Boomer Radio Network. When not defending virtue or splicing audio, Davey can be found reviewing and retailing games at the following domains.

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Alex Wynnter

Born under an ominous and turbulent full moon, Alex Wynnter is a humble graphic designer by day. But by night he breaks loose of the shackles of the workaday world and designs tabletop games for numerous companies including his - Red Genie Games. 

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Derek Maggs

It was on his travels abroad that Derek became cursed by the Cerulean Demi-Wizard. Now he must spend his life playing every Tabletop game known to mankind at least once or suffer an eternity amongst the howling lost souls of the Nether Voids. His Rapid Reviews can be found littered throughout the podcasts on the Boomer Radio network. You can also read his game reviews at Goto.Game.

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